Taco Bell Indie Game Garage Contest Open For Submissions

Taco Bell has recently opened their indie game development contest, titled the Indie Game Garage, in order to inspire developers to submit their in-development game for a chance to win prizes. Aiming to inspire creativity in games in their own way, Taco Bell has also deemed to include a prize that can help in guiding the development process of their game in order to sell and/or play better.

taco bell indie game garage

The Indie Game Garage is both a contest and a membership that indie developers compete for by submitting videos with gameplay footage. The contest does not specify any restrictions for the type of footage or game to submit. So as long as the development studio has made enough progress to provide actual gameplay footage, they can qualify for the contest. Winners will receive a $500 Taco Bell gift card, as well as six-month access to a private forum with industry experts, including Jessica Chobot (Nerdist News, Bizarre States Podcast, Daylight), Rooster Teeth studiosĀ (Red vs. Blue, RWBY), Swiftor (Twitch Streamer), and Jericho (Mianite Broadcasting Group).

The contest is open to submissions on the official website until November 15, 2015. Developers can also read through the Indie Game Garage blog for some tips, tricks, and resources from the industry experts.

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