Syndicate Successor, Satellite Reign, Now on Steam

The spiritual successor to the 90s RTS series, Syndicate, is now available, two years after the successful Kickstarter campaign. Satellite Reign, made by the group of 5 experienced developers at 5 Lives Studios (including a former member of the Syndicate team), is a shooter RTS that puts players in control of a group of 4 rebel agents that fight through a dystopian city against a company that rules the political and economic landscape after patenting a type of reincarnation technology.


While controlling the agents, players must take on several missions in a huge and open city in an attempt to bring down the company. There is no set order to the missions, so players are free to explore the world and choose their own strategy.

The gameplay is also designed to give players a variety of combat tactics. While stealth and lurking in the shadows are effective ways of infiltrating areas to get new information for the agents, they can also resort to brute force and use their heavy weapons to shoot everything in sight.


Satellite Reign is available starting today for PC, Mac, and Linux on Steam. The price point is discounted during launch week, so the game is on sale now for $23.99 (The regular price is $29.99.) IGM’s review of Satellite Reign will appear in the September Issue of the Magazine, which goes on sale September 1. Additional details can be found on the official website or by following the game’s Twitter.

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