Survivor Squad: Gauntlets Gets Free DLC

Survivor Squad: Gauntlets has been updated with a free batch of DLC in the form of Thank You: The Game 2.

First, Survivor Squad is a strategy-action game that hinges on visibility. In order to vanquish enemies, the player must be able to see them on the top-down viewing area. Teamwork is important, as keeping soldiers together in a single unit helps maintain dominance over the enemies. The game features a puzzle editor that tests players’ ability to think logically, while simultaneously teaching the power of a level editor; it’s almost like an interactive tutorial for design tactics.


In this new DLC, instead of controlling troops and fighting off enemies, players assume the role of a man dedicated to helping strangers with a myriad of problems. In the overworld map, the man moves from level to level, offering assistance to a game developer in desperate need of a tester for his latest game, or trying to put a smile on another person’s face.

The Thank You: The Game 2 DLC doesn’t appear to have much in common with Survivor Squad: Gauntlets, but it may be a nice throw-in for players who have already purchased the positively-received game, as well as a possibly-enticing add-on for those interested in trying it out.

Endless Loop Studios’ Thank You: The Game 2 unlocks automatically when purchasing Survivor Squad: Gauntlets. The base game is available for $8.99 on PC, Mac, and Linux through Steam.

For more information, check out Survivor Squad: Gauntlets and Thank You: The Game 2 on Facebook, Twitter, and the official website.