Survive and Provide in Foxfolk



One of the greatest pressures one could feel is being responsible for those around you. Now try to imagine being a fox when suddenly winter comes earlier and there are no supplies to ensure survival. Developer CoolHandGames explores this in their new game Foxfolk.

Players step out into the harsh winter cold in search of food and warmth in order to keep the burrow and their family warm. As a fox, players will hunt for birds, rabbits, and squirrels, each of them having different nutritional merit. To successfully catch their prey, players will have to sneak up on one of these animals in order to ensure they don’t run. After successfully capturing the prey, players can carry it back to their burrow and throw it into the pot in the kitchen. There will need to be some level of management here as they can only carry one prey at a time. In order to ensure warmth for their family, players will have to collect sticks and logs, each burning at a different variation of time, players can carry up to three sticks or 1 log at a time. If players are ahead of the needs of their family they can store food and wood.



Foxfolk is currently available on for windows. The game is normally priced at $3.00 (USD) but is currently on sale for $1.50 (USD). To learn more about the game or the developer CoolHandGames follow him on Twitter.

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