Surreal puzzle adventure Oquonie gets release trailer

Hiversaires developer and musician Aliceffekt announced today that his new title will be arriving on iOS next week. A puzzle adventure shrouded in the mystery of a new language and “bizaroid” creatures, Oquonie is poised to deliver one of the most unique experiences for mobile. Oquonie will feature a surreal, illustration-based art style by the hand of Rekka Bellum, who most recently worked on cult hit Puppeteer. The game will also be home to an original score from Aliceffekt’s unreleased new album, Known Magye. 

In Oquonie, players have to navigate illogical, non-euclidean pathways where direction means little. The world is divided into small rooms to navigate through, but each room may lead to multiple others through the same doorway. Across five different areas, players will transform into new creatures, decipher a symbolic new language, and solve an abstract mystery. Featuring minimal explanation and zero language as we know it, Oquonie is for fans of classic puzzle adventures where hints are vague and the player’s mind is a mechanic. You can read more about Oquonie at Aliceffekt’s site, as well as keep an eye on the handy countdown to the February 18th release.

Last year, Aliceffekt released point-and-click adventure Hiversaires and has since announced a sequel, Milavrega, due to its popularity.