Surprise! Spooky’s House of Jump Scares Hits Steam Early Access

Have you ever been ashamed about being scared of something? That feeling when your cat jumps on your lap to cuddle and you inadvertently jump and scream because you didn’t expect them? Well thanks to Lag Studios, that feeling is available now, for free, on Steam Early Access with Spooky’s House of Jump Scares!

In Spooky’s, players take on a projected 1,000 rooms of scares at the behest of the disembodied ghost of Spooky, the apparent owner of this macabre manor of spooks, jumps, and death. While the game itself starts as a quaint, loving satire of modern day horror games, players quickly find that there is more to the innocent romp through Spooky’s rooms than meets the eye. From cardboard cutouts to ooze monsters, to the scariest experimental creatures this side of SCPSpooky’s is sure to have at least a few scares that most will recognize, fear and love.

Spec 1 jumpscare

The amount of references contained within from such games as Corpse Party, Silent Hill, and Resident Evil is ridiculously high for those with knowledge of the genre. Each of the game’s main antagonists are intended to be creative while adhering to modern day horror expectations; this is then layered with a minimalistic control scheme to provide a familiar experience.


Spooky’s has seen a lot of time in the spotlight recently, as the game has gone viral all over the YouTube and streaming community. After a long life on indieDB and a release now on Steam, the game is continuing its trend of being available for free. For more information, stay tuned to IGM and check out the Steam page here.

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