Supreme Ruler Ultimate – Fusion of The Supreme Ruler Series


BattleGoats Studios proudly announced their new and upcoming game, Supreme Ruler Ultimate for Early Access on Steam, with a full-version release due for October 17, 2014. The most recent installment of the Supreme Ruler strategy game series, this will also be their most ambitious and comprehensive project.

Supreme Ruler Ultimate will incorporate content from all of BattleGoat’s Supreme Ruler series, letting players control a nation through historical eras as they change through turmoil and strife. The decisions players make will have an effect on the development of future nations, as well as important historic events. Supreme Ruler Ultimate will feature both historic and modern campaigns, and will allow players to customize their gaming experience by picking any nation, any era, and a preferred victory condition. Players can also simply attempt to win in set-piece scenarios, which provide a challenge during a shorter game.

The game also features a 16-player local or online multiplayer mode within the sophisticated real-time strategy system. Players can use Diplomacy, Trade, Espionage, and Intimidation in order to influence other nations, and affect the balance of power in the world.


Supreme Ruler Ultimate will be available for PC and Mac on Steam. Players can learn more about the game by following BattleGoat Studios on Twitter or Facebook. Have you played any of the earlier Supreme Ruler games? What feature are you most looking forward to for this installment? Leave us a comments below!

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