Support Recovering Veterans by Buying Videogames with Indie Ammo Box

indie ammo box

Operation Supply Drop is proud to deploy Indie Ammo Box – a digital online store geared specifically towards indie game bundles and a broad assortment of individual games. Similar to the site Humble Bundle, it is a “pay what you want” setup for the bundles, but the difference between Indie Ammo Box and Humble Bundle is that when you donate to Indie Ammo Box, all the proceeds will go directly to deployed military and veterans recovering from their service-related injuries.

Operation Supply Drop was formed in 2010 to supply videogame-themed care packages to servicewoman and servicemen deployed to combat zones or recovering in military hospitals, and they have since raised $1.5 million to date. Indie Ammo Box is a great way to support the indie game community while also supporting an important cause.

Currently, Indie Ammo Box’s inaugural bundle offers Robot Entertainment’s Orcs Must Die, Orcs Must Die 2, Hero Academy, and Echo Prime. If you donate $4.50 or higher, you’ll receive DLC for Orcs Must Die 1 and 2. This offering only lasts for one more day though, and you can check it out here.unnamed

As of now, this Indie Ammo Box offer has raised almost $3500 with close to 1500 purchases.

You can find out more information about Operation Supply Drop here.

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