‘Super Tower Rush’ A Head To Head Showdown Of Epic Proportions

Super Tower Rush In game SS

It’s always great when you are able to just stumble across a new very interesting indie game by chance, and this is one of those times. Super Tower Rush  is a promising new head to head platforming game created by the two person development team of André and Lorena.

Although still very much in development Super Tower Rush appeared out of nowhere late last year and has continued to make waves ever since.

The whole idea behind Super Tower Rush is you must beat your opponent to the bottom of the tower and prove your platforming prowess once and for all. Of course this will not be an easy affair and expect to use all of your platforming aptitude to beat your friend… Or enemy.

It’s a simple concept but one that seems to be a whole load of fun and will make for a fantastic casual party game for any occasion. There is of course power ups and even ways to interfere with your competitions progress, which will make for great fun. Be sure to check the gameplay trailer below:

Currently Super Tower Rush only has the local multiplayer component complete, although the developers are working tirelessly to add in the online verses mode along with a single player component.

Super Tower Rush is still in development so expect extra features to be added over time, but needless to say already this game seems to be well worth its small price point of $5.

If you would like to buy Super Tower Rush be sure to head over to desura and get your hands on the latest build. If you would like to find out more about the development team and the game overall be sure to visit the official site.

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