Super Sculptor! Lets Players Construct The Art Of Their Dreams…Or Nightmares

Super Sculptor! is a game that likes to shout its name at you. It’s also a game that lets you take a selection of rather random objects and make sculptures with them.

It’s a very straightforward game, the developer himself even calls it a “toy” but in my heart, Super Sculptor! is a game. I played it, at first, with the goal of making the most disturbing scene I could manage, just to see how upset I could get the crowd’s reaction to peak at. You can tell how much the crowd likes an exhibit by the little face in the bottom left corner of the game. The bottom right shows the design’s apparent worth, and by clicking the “Finish It” button in the top right, your sculpture is baptized with a name generated by the game, and you’re free to create a new one from scratch.

Below is my sculpture The Beauty Caressing Final Moment, valued at just under $3,000. It was supposed to be a representation of a dream I had once about really wanting a doughnut but I couldn’t get to it for some unknown reason. And then I stuck a security camera in there and it suddenly felt a little too political. Nonetheless, now I am an artist.

Super Sculptor

Super Scupltor! is available on as a pay-what-you-want game. You can also follow the developer, Michael Shillingburg, on Twitter @FancyMichael.

Now, go forth, and art!

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