Super Rad Raygun Brings Back Old School Side-scrolling Shooters

I’m a child of the Game Boy era, so watching games like Super Rad Raygun being made in 2015 is awesome. TRU FUN mixed up the pop culture of the 80s with graphics from mobile and handheld games of the 90s to create a trip down memory lane that will resonate with retro gamers.

The game is a side-scrolling shooter that puts the player in the middle of a fight against communist robots around the world, in a somewhat twisted view of the 80s. The gameplay is heavily influenced by the Mega Man series and Space Impact from the 90s Nokia cellphones. Nevertheless, the developers cared about also making the game pleasant to today’s gamers, including performance power ups, intense combat, and an overwhelming soundtrack.


One of the most interesting features of Super Rad Raygun is the limited-energy mechanic. If the player spams Rad’s abilities too much, he will run out of energy and must take a very brief rest to regain energy and move on, just like how stamina works in other games. While it’s certainly interesting to think about from the perspective of a side-scrolling shooter, the mechanic is also a recreation of one developer’s experience with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), which requires him to take breaks from time to time after taking long walks, like he had to do when promoting the game at PAX East.

Super Rad Raygun is currently in Beta, but the team is looking forward to launching the game on Steam in the coming months. It’s already available for for $1.00 USD for those who have an Xbox 360. (Editor’s Note: The Xbox 360 version is the original Rad Raygun release, not the updated Super Rad Raygun.) For those interested, there’s plenty of other information to read about on the game’s official website.

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  • Guest

    Rad Raygun for Xbox Live Indies is actually the original game. Super Rad Raygun on Steam will be a largely expanded version of the original — which includes 20+ more levels, a new physics engine, and new gameplay modes. Think of it as going from Mega Man 1 to Mega Man X. :)

  • Kevin Fishburne

    That’s awesome. It’s like watching Project A-ko with all the parodies and tributes.