SUPER IMPOSSIBLE ROAD is tired of hearing about so-called ‘innovative racing games’ that only feature different cars or characters that are not available in other games. Made by the Canadian studio Wonderful Lasers Inc, the game is a sequel to the award winning mobile game IMPOSSIBLE ROAD, though it has been completely rebuilt for the PS4. The game’s motto is “Winning is cheating,” which teases what the racing game is actually about.


Whenever a new racing game comes out, the gaming community begins looking for every hidden shortcut within the tracks. SUPER IMPOSSIBLE ROAD has no reasons to hide these shortcuts, and in fact, the game is all about them. The descending, winding tracks are procedurally generated and offer lots of shortcut options to players, who must guide a robotic ball to the finish line. Sporting a futuristic look, the game mechanics consist on making lots of turns and making huge leaps to reach the finish line faster than opponents. If they fall for too long, the ball’s position is reset to the section where it was before the leap, avoiding excessively long shortcuts.


Players can compete in a local multiplayer mode that supports up to 4 players via split-screen. An option to play against AI is available as well, along with a single player career mode that will put any player’s skills to the test across several tracks. Some online features will also be available upon release, but these have yet to be revealed.

SUPER IMPOSSIBLE ROAD was announced only for PS4 so far, and its release date is not yet set. Further information can be found on the developer’s website and Twitter pages.

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