Super Helmets on Fire DX Ultra Edition Plus Alpha Releases to Mobile

Ripper Games, a Spanish indie developer, has just released Super Helmets on Fire DX Ultra Edition Plus Alpha, a nearly endless runner with a nearly endless title. To be clear: This game is not in Alpha. It is a completed game with “Alpha” in the name.

Super Helmets puts players in control of “The Hero,” who is a regular construction worker in every regard except for the fact that he accidentally angered an Egyptian god, who now seeks vengeance on him through an animated Sphinx, and, apparently, endless construction zones. Though in fairness, that sounds like all construction work anyways.


Play consists of a side-scrolling series of levels sprinkled with other, more terrified workers, and is punctuated by bosses, though this appears to mean variations on the Sphinx. Players will have the ability to jump, glide, and slide, and four game modes, including one similar to that of an RPG, where players can customize their character  as they play. In addition to the game modes, there are ten characters to choose from, allowing players to destroy Sphinxes in whatever form they want.

Super Helmets on Fire DX Ultra Edition Plus Alpha is available now for Android devices for €1.99 (approximately $2.17 USD), though it currently costs slightly less with the launch discount of 33% (currently $1.81 USD). For those with iOS devices who want to spend an hour typing this game’s title into their search bar, hold off — there is an iOS version on the way, but it is not out quite yet.

Learn more about the game from its website or Facebook page, or check in on the developer over at their website.

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