Super Daryl Deluxe Invited to Join Steam Store

Gary Porter and Dan Plate of Dan & Gary Games proudly announced that, as of May 2015, their humor infused title Super Daryl Deluxe has been requested by Valve to appear on Steam. Since the successful Kickstarter campaign back in June of 2014, Porter and Plate have been busy winning multiple prodigious awards for Super Daryl Deluxe, including Best Visual Quality at GDC 2015 and the US Microsoft Imagine Cup.


As we originally introduced back in our January issue, players control Daryl, a new student at Water Falls High School, as he combats a sinister self-help author who has taken over the campus through brainwashing techniques. Fast-paced combat, visually unique experiences, and a humorous original story line are just some of the features that Super Daryl Deluxe claim to offer. Gamers will be able to customize their fighting tactics through a mix-and-match system, which includes dozens of different skills to select.


For both the GDC and Microsoft awards, Porter and Plate competed against several other talented game developers, that included previous IGF and IndieCade winners. The creators demonstrated their game in front of a panel of judges for each competition, and ultimately took home the top award. While a specific release date hasn’t been determined, the duo is extremely excited to see their game appear on the Steam store.

Players interested in staying updated on the latest Super Daryl Deluxe news, or playing the free demo, should stop by the official website.

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