SUPER! BitCon 2015: Raise the Stakes, and Your Stats, in CasinoRPG

Among the developers present at SUPER! BitCon this year was GoldFire Studios, an Oklahoma City-based company with three games under their belt. BC Wars and PokerRPG were their previous projects, but they chose their newest game, CasinoRPG, to showcase at S!BC. CasinoRPG is a gambling game, sure, but it’s also a MMO where players can not only earn in-game money from gambling, but also apply it towards designing, building, and maintaining an empire in Goldfire City. Success is based not only on the chance inherent in the casino games, but also on the skill of the player in managing their winnings to keep their numbers in the black.


All players begin as janitors, though there’s no cleaning up after others in this iteration of the position. The mayor, James (modeled after the game’s developer, James Simpson) introduces himself at the player’s casino-provided condo, and helps with starter funds for both a new wardrobe (very basic clothing items, with new ones added for higher levels) and some good old fashioned gambling. Along the way, there are mini-goals that players must accomplish, people they must meet, and quests along the way to help build clout and notoriety, in addition to their bankroll. The variety of games is very much like what’s encountered in a real casino, and the experience is similar to what might be encountered in a regular gambling simulator. The goals and other activities (such as upgrading living quarters) keep players from sitting in front of a slot machine all day, and there are reminders and tips that pop up to keep players engaged.

casinorpg super bitcon

This is an MMO, after all, and there is a chat function in-game for chatting with others who are currently online in the browser-based adventure. Visually, those wandering the casinos at other slot machines, tables, and landmarks are players who are logged in at the same time. There are forums for questions, as well as other features to help players settle in and learn the ropes. CasinoRPG ran a successful Kickstarter campaign back in 2013, so it’s no surprise that there are already a number of players online.


To play CasinoRPG or any other GoldFire Studios’ games, visit their composite site (players can log in and access any of the three games in one place). You can follow along on Twitter or Facebook for updates, which are posted frequently.

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