Sun Begins To Set On ‘Race The Sun’ Still Time To Help Reach The Funding Goal

Race the sun

With one day left on Flippfly’s Race The Sun Kickstarter will Race The Run beat the funding goal and beat the clock. It has been a very turbulent few weeks for the Flippfly development team opening their Kickstarter to a very slow start which has since managed to pick up steam to now hit the 65% funded mark.

After Race The Sun opened to rather weak reception the team went back to the drawing board and completely redesigned the world content for the game. Flippfly have rebuilt the game from scratch with new tools known as “Simplex World Creator” which will also be included in the game.

Race The Sun is a very interesting minimalistic racing game akin to games like Wipeout. You are racing in a solar powered car however and are therefore reliant on the sun to keep racing, you must see how far you can get in essentially a day. There is an array of power ups to help you including some that speed you up so much time begins to go backwards adding precious seconds to you race.

It’s a great game with a lot of nice ideas and the team at Flippfly have been working hard on aspects of it such as the asynchronous multiplayer and the world designer. Race The Sun is more than just a racer and in fact adds a great deal of innovation to this genre.

It would be a shame if Race The Sun missed its funding goal so if this project interests you be sure to head to the Kickstarter page to find out more. You can also play the live alpha of the game on Kongregate. For any other information head to the Flippfly site.

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