Rocket Doge – Much Entertain, Wow

Since the meme’s popularity a few months back ‘Doge’ has found fame beyond other memes from the likes of Reddit or Tumblr. If you do a simple search on the App Store or Google Play then you’ll find a host of ‘Doge’ games, and a lot of them are Flappy Bird clones. Well, we might as well look at another one who has hopped onto the Flappy Doge hype train with Rocket DogeiOS Simulator Screen shot 21. feb. 2014 14.50.06

As the name might imply; Rocket Doge straps a jetpack to everyone’s favorite ‘Shibe’ in order to scroll endlessly through a level, all in the name of achieving a high score. The game will have you dodging obstacles in the form of angry crabs and birds of prey and collecting the infamous dogecoins in order obtain points. Every now and then the game will pop up with some text reminding you that you are effectively playing a meme by gracing your eyes with literary titbits like ‘much coin, wow’ and ‘much high, so clouds’

This might seem as a quickly put together mess on the surface but beneath its ridiculous design and Comic Sans font, the game is actually quite good. It requires a certain amount of skill to dodge enemies who actually have some movement patterns. Couple this with the old ‘oh-go-on-just -one-more-try-and-I’ll-beat-my-score’ addictiveness that a lot of these endless runner games are famous for; then you actually have a decent game worth a try.

If you are a Doge fan or just a casual passer-by, you can pick up Rocket Doge on the  App Store for free here.