Submit a Game for Review

Once you reach the final stages of your game development, it is time to get an unbiased, third-party opinion of your game. The Indie Game Magazine offers that service to you and to our continually growing audience. In order to review your game, we need to ask a few questions and get a copy of your game for our Reviewer.

Please understand that there is a short waiting period involved in the submission process. We sometimes receive over 100 requests per day (it’s hard to believe, even for us!) and with limited staff and hours in the day, you can see how difficult it is to accommodate even a small percentage of the community. If you are on a deadline for your review, do yourself a favor and submit your game to us a few weeks ahead of time and include the date that you would like to have the review published by. This is not a guarantee that your review will be up on that date, but we will not publish it before that date.

Game preview!

You don’t need to wait until your game is completed to get a sample of out into the public. Send us an Alpha or Beta version of your game and we will conduct a preview article, which basically lets the audience know about your game in general terms and how they can learn more about it by checking out your site. Previews also provide a critique of the game so far, how certain areas can be improved, and sometimes even a few features we’d like to see included in the final launch version.

100% unbiased review!

Under no circumstances will IGM ever provide a positive or negative review of a game based on who the developer is or who else may be involved in the game process.

Indie Game Marketing

As you might have been able to tell from the descriptions thus far, we love to get content out about your games. However, in the process of marketing your games, just doing a single review only goes so far. By sending us periodic updates and even hosting a forum blog on IGM, you can continually remind our audience about your team and your games, giving them a better chance of remembering and ultimately becoming a fan of your work.

Thank you!

Thank you for making the games that we have come to love and letting us enjoy them.


Submit your game today by emailing us at When submitting, please include a press release and media kit (images and documents providing information about the game). Please be sure to include ways for the audience to contact you, learn more about your game, and how to make a purchase! PS. Don’t forget your release date!