Submission Center

Welcome to the User Submission Center of The Indie Game Magazine. Because we rely so heavily on the support of the Indie Developers and community to submit content, games, and more to the site, it has become increasingly important for us to expand this section of the site to ensure that there was no confusion and make it super simple for you to be able to contact us.

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If you too <3 indie games, then you too can help support our cause by contributing to our site in the following ways:

Submit a Game for Review

Games that are submitted to us for review will first become a news story. We do this because of the volume of requests that we get. A game could sit in queue to be reviewed for a week or more, so we like to do an immediate news story that essentially tells the audience that a developer has a new game, a trailer, etc. due to be released and that you can learn more by visiting the developer directly at his website and / or social site.

Write for IGM

Are you an aspiring game journalist or just love to play indie games and want to write about them? Then please click the link and apply to become a writer for IGM! It is quick to submit and a rewarding experience to help bring attention to the indie developers. You can read our terms and posting policy here.