Strength of the SWORD: ULTIMATE Brandishes 3D Combat

“A game that you beat instead of finish,” writes Ivent, a two-person studio behind the upcoming Strength of the Sword, which tags the word ULTIMATE at the end in comparison to its original release.

A healthy dose of old-school game philosophy meets 3D graphics in the upcoming brawler. Pushing mechanics more akin to fighting games, the developers want players to forget about  button-mashing; they’re designing them with a more strategic approach in mind, so that players plan their strikes and watch enemy patterns and environments for advantages. The AI controlling enemies is a “system of pure evil” which analyzes and adapts to the player, then utilizes group numbers to its advantage.


The sword-slinger this time around is a War Golem of “magic powered awesomeness and destruction.” It can wield a small variety of blades, shields, and items, with the developers aiming for visual and gameplay customization. The main Story mode tells of the Almighty Mechanic sending the War Golem to defend the kingdom against encroaching evil. A new addition over the original game is a Player-versus-player mode. But for those who like to cooperate, the Co-op mode will be more their style. Finally, a mysterious “Dark Mode” is kept mostly in the shadows, but it will be based on some form of asynchronous multiplayer.


Strength of the SWORD was originally released on PlayStation Network for the PlayStation 3 in December 2013. The aforementioned modes are brand new to the ULTIMATE version, in addition to an extended single-player experience with more lore to learn and foes to slash.

The Kickstarter goal for Strength of the SWORD: ULTIMATE has already been met, which means the game will be released for PC, Mac, and Linux (it has also been Greenlit). The funding broke through the $30,000 mark, which tags a PlayStation Vita release, and is coming close to a Wii U port. Xbox One and PlayStation 4 adaptations are further down the road. Pledging as little as $10 nets a copy of the game.

Check out the Kickstarter campaign by the two-person team, which is almost entirely presented as a comic.

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