StreamTeam Spotlight: AJ_Smith90

Welcome back to the StreamTeam Spotlight, a weekly series where we feature one of our Indie GamePlay streamers. Every week, we’ll profile and interview a different member of the team to give our audience a chance to get to know some of their favorite streamers off-camera/mic. This week we’ll meet and learn a little bit about AJ_Smith90. Take a look:


Name/Online Alias: AJ_Smith90 or just AJ :)
Region: USA
Current Rig: I stream from a Toshiba Satellite C855 model laptop with my TV hooked up as a second monitor right now. It gets the job done for now, but I plan to upgrade and build my own PC in the future for streaming.
Favorite Genre: Don’t have a favorite :)
Favorite Games: Rogue Legacy, Assault Android Cactus, & Disco Dodgeball
Hobbies: I’m actually pretty big into music and I love discovering new music and artists. I also try to play some music myself, and attempt to draw sometimes.

Indie Game Magazine: What was your first exposure to video games?
AJ Smith: I used to play the kids computer games, but then my parents got my younger brother and I an N64. I don’t think they expected me to play it more than my brother :)

IGM: What were some of your favorite games growing up?
AJ: I really enjoyed Super Smash Bros. and Banjo-Kazooie

IGM: Did you own any other consoles after that? Or did you transition into PC gaming?
AJ: I have a Gamecube and a Wii, as well as a few of the Gameboy models, and then my brothers have Xbox’s they let me play on when I’m home. I’ve always enjoyed PC gaming the most though.

IGM: Do you more prefer single-player experiences or multiplayer games?
AJ: I think for me it depends on the game. There are times I prefer to play multiplayer games more than single-player, but other times I prefer single-player.

IGM: I noticed that you don’t have a favorite genre. Does that mean you’re open to trying out all types of games? Or are there some genres you don’t particularly enjoy?
AJ: Since I’m still pretty new to gaming, I’m definitely open to trying all types of genres. I haven’t found a genre that I don’t enjoy yet :)

IGM: When did you first start streaming?
AJ: I joined my first call (voice chat) in Gozita2003’s stream for Zer0Doxy, but did my first stream during the 24forExotix marathon stream.

IGM: How did that first stream go?
AJ: I think it went decently well. I was in a pretty quiet part of the stream, so I didn’t really get a whole lot of viewers or anything; but as a first time streamer I didn’t really mind.

IGM: What games did you stream?
AJ: The 7th Guest and DLC Quest.

IGM: What types of streams do you host?
AJ: My streams are probably most closely like Blind Let’s Plays.

IGM: Why do you enjoy streaming?
AJ: It’s a ton of fun and I enjoy getting to interact with the chat. I try to have pretty chill streams so that everyone can just talk and hangout.

IGM: You mentioned an interest in music. Do you play any instruments?
AJ: I was in choir for a few years, so I sing a lot, but mostly to myself haha. I play the guitar and the bass pretty decently well though, and I am trying to learn drums and a bit of keyboard. Everything is basically self taught though, so I don’t have much time with my school work now.

IGM: What made you decide to join the Indie GamePlay StreamTeam?
AJ: The streaming community has been really great to me, and I have met so many wonderful people that I can easily call my best friends from that. The StreamTeam is a great way to see what other streamers, developers, and friends are working on and all having a great time doing what we love.

That’s it for this week’s StreamTeam Spotlight! If you’d like to watch some more of AJ’s streams, you can check out her Content Hub on Indie GamePlay. To keep track of her stream schedule so you never miss a live stream, you can follow her on Twitter @aj_smith90.

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