Streamers Host Weekend Charity To Raise Funds for Lyme Awareness


As you’ve probably noticed, IGM likes to cover stream events and charities from time to time. This weekend, we’re proud to help sponsor a charity stream to help raise awareness and funds for the Tick-Borne Disease Alliance. Organized by one of IGM’s own, Bonnie Burgette, the stream will raise funds to support the organization, which is dedicated to providing protection, prevention, and potential treatment information about Lyme disease, among other tick-borne diseases.  The stream marathon will last a full 72 hours, running from May 16-18.

To check out the stream, be sure to head on over to the Wolf Pack Gaming hitbox channel. There will be a number of different activities planned for the weekend, including art streams and, of course, live Lets Plays of a number of games. For IGM’s part, we’re donating a total of 100 game codes to giveaway to those who help support the cause with a monetary contribution. (All proceeds will go directly to the TBDAlliance.) Additionally, hitbox is showing their support by offering up all ad revenue during the stream and pledging it to TBDAlliance, as well as contributing an additional 10 Euros for every 10k viewer hours over the weekend. So even if you can’t donate money, donating some time counts too!

It’s great to see the community pull together to raise money and awareness for an even greater cause. We hope everyone will be able to tune in for a while and show their support. If not, please help spread the word throughout the week so that others know about it as well.

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