Story Time With Team Meat And ‘Mew-Genics’


Yesterday, Edmund McMillen from Team Meat posted a new teaser for his (and Tommy Refenes’s) latest project, Mew-Genics on the Team Meat blog. Unlike most development updates, McMillen sought the aid of prose, rather than a list of facts, to illustrate what players can expect out of the feline-friendly project. McMillen paints readers a picture of a house full of cats, of cat pageants and cats with post-traumatic stress and narcoleptic cats and just cats in general.

“I could write a book on the design of Mew-Genics,” McMillen explains, before his short story, “it’s by far the most complex game I’ve ever worked on and it’s definitely pushing us both on many levels, but I think the best way to describe how Mew-Genics plays is with a little story.”

While he claims it is difficult to describe how Mew-Genics plays out, McMillen did state that the game borrows elements from The Sims, Pokemon, Animal Crossing, and those little Tamagotchi pet things that replaced Furby as everyone’s favorite household tech-pet, over a decade ago.

Following McMillen’s short story, the developer goes on to state that Mew-Genics is coming this year, and will release for Steam, iOS, Android, and possibly other formats later on.

To read McMillen’s rather entertaining Mew-Genics gameplay experience, and to read all the previous development updates, visit the official Team Meat blog.


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