Stop a Universal Invasion in Secretion

MediaAtlas recently announced the Alpha release of their third-person action strategy game titled Secretion. In what seems like an instant, the player’s world is invaded by an alien empire who seeks to eradicate the population. Fighting off the hordes of enemies is a difficult task on its own, but to complicate things, the enemy also releases a plague that affects the entire planet. Now the player is forced to play guardian and concerned parent, keeping the population alive and protected from this threat. The laser-firing and ship blasting becomes just an overtone, as the game evolves and tasks the player with utilizing RTS elements to exploit resources to provide for their people. Players can delve deeper into the story of the game by purchasing the graphic novel on iTunes.


Through the course of the game, players will be exposed to a variety of gameplay types that combine to create the hybrid that is Secretion; Players must build up an army with available resources using the RTS interface, engage in planetary combat through shooter sequences, and explore other planets in arcade game fashion. There are also secondary mission objectives to achieve before making the final push to return home. Diplomacy and market negotiation will be conducted as well, to trade and obtain resources to further the development of the home planet. Crafting and resource management will play a large role, especially since the player will be in command of up to ten planets. A multiplayer mode is included, and pits players against each other, building an armada to invade and conquer each other in an all-out galaxy-wide space battle.


Currently, Secretion is in Alpha, and early access to the current build can be purchased through their page. A Steam Greenlight campaign is being conducted,with hopes of launching on PC, Mac, and Linux. The team has also posted an Everyplay channel, which hosts gameplay videos offering an extended look at how the game plays.

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  • Kevin Fishburne

    The game sounds awesome, but I gotta say, “Secretion” may be the worst name for a game ever. At least it’s bad in a good way, as in it’s pretty damn funny and got me to read this article when I otherwise wouldn’t have. Based on the news feed on the MediaAtlas web site English may not be the studio’s first language, so it may be a localization issue.