Stellar – Roguelike Space Shooter With 2D and 3D Combat

Today, Indie development studio Dog Eat Dog Games announced their upcoming game Stellar. The game is a rogue-like space shooter with 3D and 2D dogfighting, and is scheduled for release sometime in 2016 for PCs.


Dog Eat Dog Games said specifically that this game is for gamers looking for a space shooter with an immersive 3D universe that is procedurally generated for a unique cosmos with every play through. Stellar promises to feature numerous solar systems, asteroids, meteor showers, and hundreds of planets. There will also be several different alien races with their own powerful weapons and spacecraft. In this lawless era of space exploration and conquest, players assume the role of a single alien tasked with expanding their race’s domain.

Though usually alone against a large number, players will have two distinct advantages from other races: They can integrate other technologies into their own, and they can seamlessly switch between a 3D and 2D perspective, locking nearby enemies into the same dimensional space. Inspired by old 2D Space shooters and the immersive experience of modern space games, CEO Kurt Hollowell stated “Stellar combines the best elements of modern and golden age space shooters.”


For more information, gamers can follow Dog Eat Dog Games on Twitter or Facebook. The developers will also be attending Pax South January 23 – 25 with a playable pre-Alpha build of Stellar, so those interested are encouraged to stop by their booth.

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