Steel Assault on Kickstarter – NES Inspired Side-Scrolling Action Game

Indie developers Daniel Garcia and Sri Kankanahalli are excited to announce that their in-development project Steel Assault recently launched on Kickstarter. Seeking a modest goal of $8,000 by February 18th, the developers intend to create a game that pushes the limitations of the classic NES graphics engine. They hope that this will inspire other developers to work with this aged but still enjoyable and versatile form.

Steel Assault is a 2d side-scrolling action game inspired by NES classics like Batman and Shatterhand. The team of two also intends to make the game as challenging as classic NES and arcade-style games, encouraging gamers to try and clear the game using only one credit.


The game will come with different difficulty modes, ranging from Novice to Expert, in order to ensure that everyone can have fun with the game. Steel Assault will also be tightly developed with design and length in mind, aiming for a perfect playthrough of the game to clock in at around 25 to 30 minutes. Campaign stretch goals range from digital access to the game’s soundtrack to a “special producer” credit, to even having Kankanahalli create an 8-bit NES cover of a song of a backer’s choosing.

With their Kickstarter campaign only just starting, these developers have a good chance at reaching their goal with the proper support. Gamers can follow Steel Assault‘s progress by following the team on Twitter @steelassault, or by visiting their Steam Greenlight page to learn more.

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  • Kevin Fishburne

    I detect Tecmo sound effects from the Ninja Gaiden era. Dig it.