Steam Rocket 2 – Save Fuel, Dodge Obstacles, and Get The Highest Score

ClockworkMonster Games, made up of a single indie game developer, recently released Steam Rocket 2 for Android devices. The game is the sequel to a flash game simply title Steam Rocket, and is the developer’s debut into mobile platforms.
Steam Rocket 2 is a game that feels very similar to Flappy Bird with a number of extra features for added replay value, fun, and higher scores. Instead of simply playing to last for as long, and as far as possible, players can also earn points by navigating the rocket through floating stars and score multipliers. Some stars require forethought, as too much of an angle can lead to smashing the rocket into the side of an obstacle.
Players control the rocket by igniting and extinguishing the jet of steam that propels the rocket upwards. Once the steam is off, gravity will pull the rocket back down and the player can use this to swerve over and under different dangers. Steam Rocket 2 also features a limited amount of fuel (water basically) that players can replenish by flying through floating power ups with the water symbol.
Steam Rocket 2 is available now on Google Play, Amazon, and Nook for Android devices.

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