Steam Heroes Reworks the Match Three Formula

Steam Land is in danger, and the evil Baron Von Smog has his eyes on it. There are only three heroes capable of stopping his diabolical plan from coming to fruition: The Steam Heroes.

Steam Heroes takes the classic match-three gameplay and writes its own rules for it. Similar to titles like Puzzle Quest, a lot of RPG rules and numbers mix into the gameplay like an alchemical formula. Matching the same colors increases the power bar for each character’s unique Steam power, whether it is to for attacking, defending, or healing. You have to think carefully, because not every combo is beneficial to you at the right time. Careful planning results in combo attacks between characters that are instrumental in defeating many of the bosses in the game.

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Players will be able to build up chains, set off combos, and fight enemies across 12 levels of puzzle combat. Other than Story Mode, various features and modes include Adventure Log, Steam Hero Mode, and online leaderboards for comparing scores. Competitive puzzle strategists can also take the battles online against other players. Additionally, greater challenges await in the Advanced mode, designed for expert players.

Steam Heroes is out now on Steam, where it is discounted to $5.39 until February 6. It is currently only available on Windows, and has very low system requirements in order to run.

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