Stay, Mum Explores the Bond Between a Mother and Her Son

Those searching for often-unexplored themes in their video games may find something of interest in Lucid Labs’ latest title, Stay, Mum. The game is narratively-driven and focuses on a young boy named John. While it’s clear that John’s mother cares for him, she doesn’t seem to have enough time to share her affection, as she is often busy working and supporting the household. John’s mother attempts to console her son by providing him with a variety of colorful blocks, which John can manipulate into surreal objects with his active imagination. Through the products of John’s mind, players are able to explore the complicated relationship between the two characters.

Stay, Mum-01The gameplay is based on completing numerous puzzles involving the blocks John is given. The puzzles revolve around physics mechanics and are intended to be easy to solve. And although Stay, Mum is primarily a narrative title, the game contains no dialogue when telling its story.

Stay, Mum released on October 29 for compatible iOS devices. The game is currently available through the App Store for $2.99. After purchasing the title, players will receive all future updates for free as they become accessible. For more information on what lies beneath the surface for John and his mother, check out Stay, Mum on Twitter and the official website.