Starlit Adventures Soars to Mobile Platforms

A brother and sister are reaching for the stars, quite literally. A journey starring Bo and Kikki, Starlit Adventures is about restoring peace and recapturing their stars from Nuru. Even when the stars no longer shine bright for all to see, they tell the story of two inseparable siblings that stick together.

With their daunting task at hand, players will control the duo across eight worlds comprised of 80 levels. Along the way, the can collect nine suits with different abilities, each one serving a purpose when battling foes and solving touchscreen puzzles. The levels are brimming with color, with a goal of appealing to all ages. A lighthearted game with a heartfelt plot, Starlit Adventures appears to have something for everyone.


The game also offers an Infinite Tower where players compete against friends for the highest scores. A ranking system adds a layer of competition, providing treasure lists and detailing impressive combos for bragging rights. Additional challenge levels can be unlocked, and sharing in-game moments is made possible with the Replay Kit on iOS 9. Players collect stickers throughout the adventure, and can compare collections and trade them with friends.

Inspired by classic Japanese games like Bomberman and Dig Dug, Starlit Adventures took two years of development at Rockhead Games. The influences are visually present in this homage.


You can join Bo and Kikki on their quest for the star-nosed “Starlits” on November 19th when the free-to-play title launches worldwide on Android and iOS.

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