‘Starfall: Ronin’ Out Now On The App Store

Starfall: Ronin

Starfall: Ronin takes place in the year 522.685 KC, where the Galactic commonwealth has fallen. Now that the war has ended, the galaxy needs soldiers more than it ever did before. You play as a hired gun who formerly worked for the noble galactic fleet.

Starfall: Ronin is a simultaneous turn-based game of space combat. In the game you will be commanding a fleet of up to six customized ships where you will complete missions to gain resources. These exact resources can then be used to upgrade and buy new ships, as well as equip your fleet with a wide variety of unique abilities. In total, there is four player ships type, eight unique abilities, and six enemy types and environmental hazards.

Developer Pillar 4 Entertainment plans to expand the series across several titles and covering many genres such as real-time strategy, first person-shooter, and empire management. With each new game comes a new piece of the saga where you’ll eventually uncover the secrets of the Starfall Galaxy.

Starfall Ronin is out now on the App Store and is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Be sure to check back here at IGM when I give my hands-on impressions of the game. To grab Starfall: Ronin pick it up in the App Store today. To stay up to date with developer Pillar 4 Entertainment, follow them on Twitter and Facebook. Be sure to check out the trailer and gallery embedded below.