Stardust Galaxy Warriors: A Couch Co-Op Arcade Shooter

Stardust Galaxy Warriors is the debut action shooter title from Finnish independent game developers that promises to bring players an epic side-scrolling couch co-op experience with a no-grind philosophy.


Players will have to soar through the final frontier of space, defeat evil, and ultimately save the future. The couch co-op feature will support up to four players, and the no-grind nature of the game means that there is no need to play for hours on end in order to unlock the coolest weapons or certain game modes-everything is always unlocked. Play as the Blue Falcon, the Red Tiger, the Silver Wolf, or the Black Bear as you tweak the game’s settings to match your gameplay style. The game’s options cater to a balanced social co-op experience that allows players to tweak enemy spawn rates, friendly fire toggle, fire rates, random boss triggers, and a whole lot more.

Stardust Galaxy Warriors is expected for release on PC, Mac, and Linux, but is currently looking for your vote to get officially Greenlit on Steam. In addition to its customizable gameplay settings, there will also be extensive controller support and online leaderboards to encourage friendly competition amongst you and your friends and family.

stardust gw

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Update: The developers have informed us that in campaign mode, you either select a certain sum of money to start with or begin playing without it completely, and you will gain more currency as you pass levels. In Gauntlet mode, you play only one level which lasts until you die, and before starting you will decide how much money you will allow yourself to utilize. So, everything is unlocked, but you can choose to get it now, later or never.

A keen retrogamer who grew up playing classics like Prince of Persia, Aladdin, and Diddy Kong Racing, Katrina believes that digital games are not just fun, but a great way to learn. These days she enjoys studying Japanese language acquisition, and designing her own games.

  • Kevin Fishburne

    The game looks great. Also very cool it allows four-player co-op. Not sure about the “no grind” philosophy here, though. Grinding in RPG’s certainly sucks if you’ve been doing it since the 80’s, but “building” your ship’s capabilities is, for me, one of the core features that make shmups fun. Grinding typically involves the player repeating a game mechanic to the point where it ceases to be fun and is performed solely to advance, usually by way of gaining experience points and levels. In a shmup the entire game is based on continually shooting countless enemies and advancement speed is tied to how well you do that, so contrary to conventional grinding it’s rewarding you for what you’d be doing anyway.

    What may work better would be to make starting with all weapons/etc. an option, or tying it exclusively to co-op mode. Stages would need to dynamically adapt (or be manually changed) to better match their difficulty to the player’s equipment to avoid being too easy/difficult.

  • Katrina Filippidis

    It sure does, and I think the music is pretty fantastic too! I think I understand where you’re coming from when you say starting with all weapons should be an option/just available for co-op. For instance, growing up I loved Xenon 2 Megablast precisely because of all the grinding, and if I started off with all weapons unlocked, I think it would have been too easy. It was hard, but fun. I think Stardust takes potentially overpowering enemies into account by allowing you to customise enemy firing rate and so on, so the game never feels like a breeze. One reason I can see the developers doing this is that some players may find the levels too difficult, and having higher power weapons available would give those players a chance to progress in the game without becoming too frustrated. At any rate, I’m curious to see how this will feel like in actual gameplay.

  • SGW Team

    Hi! Thanks for the feedback! Also thanks to Katrina for the great article!

    have progression tied to one game mode; the Campaign. The Campaign
    features pre-designed levels and introduces a nice little space story to
    the player while letting the player upgrade his/her weaponry and space
    mech powers in between the levels.

    The Gauntlet game mode is about racing for the high scores.

    We’re also offering the possibility to experiment with the game by tweaking the Customizable Gameplay Options. These work for both the Campaign and the Gauntlet and lets the players finetune their experience, increase or decrease the difficulty and/or make some crazy things happen and even break the game completely. : )

    Our third game mode, the Challenges, tests the players’ skills by having them complete certain levels within a certain framework. They might have to deal with certain Customizable Gameplay Options, and/or might have certain amount of money in the beginning to plan their upgrades and then complete that level within some other limitations.

    The no grind philosophy refers more to the fact that there is no account levels or any other longer term grinding involved. We’re aiming to make the game easily accessible, instantly enjoyable and equally interesting and fun whether you have played it for hundreds of hours or not at all. : )

    Again, a humble thanks to both of you and hope to be in touch with you. We have alpha tests coming early next year so stay tuned. : )

    Petteri Lampikoski
    SGW Developer