Star Clash Lights Up Mobile Devices

Star Clash is the latest game from Jonathan Powell Productions, who you may or may not know from the game Star Tapper. Their new game seeks to take Star Tappers’ mechanics — tapping stars to form shapes — and turn it into the basis for a puzzle battle game.

Star Clash allows you to choose one of four characters to go into battle with. Between battles, you can upgrade your character, allocate skill points after leveling up, and switch between characters if you’re feeling more in the mood to play as someone new. When you’re ready to enter the fight, you pick the enemy you want to face off against, as well as what the background for that fight will be. From there, it’s all up to your ability to turn stars into shapes.

Stars will pulse from small to large, and you can only click them once they have grown. Once tapped, you tap a second one to snap a line into place, a third to add another line, and – assuming you don’t want to add more to the shape – you tap the original star to form a shape. Pushing the shape at the enemy will deal damage, pushing it towards your character will restore your health, swiping down will fill your special attack meter, and flinging the shape upwards will give you more time between an enemy’s attacks.

The game is out now on iOS and Android devices for free (though there are microtransactions, naturally). You can find out more about the game on its website, and you can download its awesome chiptune soundtrack for free from their Bandcamp page.

A nerd of elephantine proportions (both figuratively and literally), Connor also writes for Pxlbyte, and has recently come to realize that he is, in actuality, really bad at video games. So he writes about them instead.