Stacks TNT Blows Players Up to Get Them Home

Ahh, explosions. Truly, they are one of life’s greatest pleasures, provided they are very far away and not happening to anyone or anything one cares about. Like, say, beneath a chair that someone is sitting in. No one would want that… probably.

Unless, as in Funcraft Games’ Stacks TNT, sitting on dynamite is the only hope of getting home. Stacks puts players in control of a little astronaut who has been stranded on a fully-destructible planet with no way of getting home except building their own spaceship. And, as anyone even slightly versed in rocket science will tell you — well, it’s called rocket science, not “gently-wafting upwards-on-air xcience.” The game looks much like smash- (and dig-, and drill-) hit Terraria, and has a lot of the same design principles: Players can gather resources, find chests, fight enemies, and of course, blow up the environment simply as a part of standard gameplay.

Stacks TNT image 2

Stacks TNT‘s big draw is that each block has physics applied to it individually, rather than being given a set reaction based on circumstances. This means that blocks act more like jelly, and wiggle and jump around their own manner. The developer says that the game runs largely on the GPU (the graphics card) as opposed to the CPU (the processor). All this really means is that stronger GPUs will likely have very little trouble running the game.

The game will be released on November 2, 2015 through Steam’s Early Access program, and will cost $4.99 USD. Those interested can find out more from the game’s website or its Greenlight page. No word yet on what operating systems it will be available for, though obviously Windows has been confirmed.

A nerd of elephantine proportions (both figuratively and literally), Connor also writes for Pxlbyte, and has recently come to realize that he is, in actuality, really bad at video games. So he writes about them instead.