Stack-Up Supplies Troops With Entertainment

stack up

Anyone in or related to the military knows that one of the most frustrating aspects of it is simply how much time is spent doing absolutely nothing. The old military cliche of “hurry up and wait” is given weight simply because it has become a cliche. More than the boredom, our soldiers miss home, to the point that any connection becomes an important one. Well, any connection except socks.

Those familiar with Operation Supply Drop, which delivers care packages to troops overseas, may recognize the name of Stephen “Shanghai Six” Machuga, the US Army Captain who founded the charity. Machuga, despite his happiness with OSD’s success so far, has just started up a new website, called, which Machuga says is dedicated to helping troops “solely through the power of videogames.” The first giving campaign is titled “No More Socks,” which derives from the fact that concerned friends and family would send things to their deployed loved ones, which generally included footpowder, knick-knacks, and, invariably, socks. Eventually, when Machuga was asked what he wanted while deployed, he simply said “Just no more socks!”


Stack-Up will be delivering the latest gaming hardware and games to deployed troops, so that they can have entertaining (and sometimes therapeutic) things to do while they wait. On November 9th and 10th, Machuga himself and other Stack-Up members played Fallout 4 on the charity’s Twitch stream, and well-known streaming personality Trick2G hosted the Veteran’s Day stream yesterday, the 11th. More streams will likely be announced soon through Stack-Up’s website, as well as through the charity’s Facebook page and Twitter feed, where anyone may also get in touch with the charity about sponsorships and partnerships.

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