Sssh! ‘Quiet, Please!’

Nothing raises a game to the next level like making it practical; people like games they can relate to. Nostatic Software created just such a game for the Xbox Live Arcade a while back, and now they’ve thrown their game into the mobile ring for Android devices.

Aptly named Quiet Please!, this retro styled adventure game adventure game puts the player to task as a small girl who just wants some peace and quiet. Her father is constantly flipping channels, the neighbor is mowing the lawn, and it’s your job to put a stop to it all. This introduces a puzzle angel to the game while seeking the simple objective of silence. Shut off that television, sabotage that lawn mower and do whatever it takes to silence those kittens, and the faster you do it, the better. It’s pretty fun, just check out the gameplay mash-up in the video below.



Quiet Please! can be found right now on the Amazon App Store as well as the Google Play Play right now, so if you’re ears are ringing from all of the shooters buzzing around these days, pick it up!

For more on this and other projects from the studio, check out Nostatic Software’s official website.