Squirt’s Adventure Sets Sail From Mobile to PC

Start your kids off early in gaming.

Squirt’s Adventure, the ridiculously adorable vocabulary-building mobile game from The Department of Silly Stuff, is now available on PC and Mac. With colorful companions Squirt the octopus and Captain Dungee the crab, kids sail the seven seas in search of pirate treasure.

The games are simple but fun, with mechanics that are easy for small hands to master. There are bubbles to pop (anyone who’s ever gotten their hands on bubble wrap knows how much fun that is), words to learn, and sand dollars to collect. Did you find treasure? Play with it in the treasure room! Not a fan of pirates? Dress Squirt and the Captain in other fun accessories! The longer kids play, the more words they’ll unlock – the game will teach them more than 150 words, “from aardvark to zooplankton,” as the website says.


Matt Scott,  the founder of The Department of Silly Stuff, worked for Valve for a number of years; his credits include contributions to Portal and the Left 4 Dead series. Now an independent developer, he observes that “gamers are getting older and many of us have grown up to become gamer parents. There are not many quality kids’ games, so I set out to build one.” Inspiration was close at hand, because Squirt’s Adventure was inspired by his mom, a kindergarten teacher. By combining his own love of the ocean with the earnest desire to help kids learn, he created an addictive little adventure that will keep kids entertained for hours. The game has earned five-star ratings from satisfied parents.

Still available for download on Android and iOS devicesSquirt’s Adventure is now available via Steam to play on the household computer. Follow The Department of Silly Stuff on Facebook for more educational fun in the future.

Laura, to borrow a phrase from Metal Gear Solid 3, has one good eye and can still fire a gun. She refers to herself as a "video dame," and has been an avid gamer on various platforms since she first picked up a Pong controller over 30 years ago. She takes great delight in explaining different games to her husband.