‘Squids’ Delivers Decent Casual Strategies Onto Your Smartphones

Using colorful environment and animal characters, Squids successfully coerced me into believing it was a casual puzzle game. It thens baffled me with character classes, turn-based mechanic and an interesting physic-base sling-like maneuver. Not longer afterward, I was thrown into combat with some dark vile enemies. Make no mistake, Squids is a turn-based tactic game on iOS and Android, and a really good one.

Controlling a team of squid-like characters, each with their own class, distinct special ability and personality, the player is tasked with a surprisingly wide range of objectives. Having been through only five missions, my tasks have been varying enough: from simply defeat enemies to retrieve an object or survive a number of waves. The control is simple with an action that is akin to firing a slingshot in Angry Birds, which serves as both moving and attacking. It’s easy enough, but again, make no mistake, it’s surprisingly deep. Moving too far will spend more bubbles (which function similarly to action points in turn-based strategy games) and potentially end your turn in the middle of enemies, and a too weak impact will not deal as much damage as desired. Hazards are scattered all over, spiky shells that hurt upon contact, and gaps on terrain that result in instant death, for you to both stay away and take advantage of against enemies.

Squids present a vibrant and lush setting that is similar to any media that takes place in the oceans. Terrain map details are sharp and beautiful. Its soundtrack are upbeat and cheerful, and while they may not be that great for you to hum the melody, it does the job and reinforce the game’s ocean setting. There aren’t that many sounds during gameplay, but the noise that is made when you hit an enemy enhances the satisfaction. I haven’t had the chance to met the entire character cast yet, but the characterization I have seen so far is remarkable.

Stumbled into the game quite randomly, it was a joyful surprise for me to have known and played Squids. I may not be a hardcore strategy fan, but it’s a delight to see decent more titles of the genre, especially on smartphones. And this great thing: you don’t even need to be a strategy fan to love Squids.

Squids is now available on iOS, Android and various digital stores on PC.