[Sponsored] Grand National 2015 Races to the Track on April 11

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I can’t say I’ve ever been to a racetrack, whether it be for NASCAR or otherwise, but I’m told betting on races is a big deal for some people. For folks who enjoy gambling with their money while watching things turn left, the upcoming Crabbie’s Grand National tournament will soon take place. Grand National 2015 is a horse racing competition that takes place on April 11, and for those who’d like to place bets on which prize-winning horse will take first prize, Grand National Betting has everything from news and stats to tips and tricks.

The site features a breakdown of Grand National 2015 odds for those who need a refresher course, or would like to be introduced to the world of racetrack betting. Additionally, there’s a Tips page that describes prior races and discusses key strategies for maximizing a better’s potential haul. For betters who would like to appreciate the history of the Grand National tournament, there is a full breakdown of previous winners and courses. For those looking to the future, there is a full list of racers, and a complete schedule of races.

In addition to keeping updated stats and rankings on all of the premier racers (the horses, anyway, because no one is really there to see or congratulate the riders), the site is updated daily with news, editorials and features from around the Grand National scene. These stories most typically involve which horses are entering or leaving the competition, due to a variety of circumstances, while also reporting on preliminary races in the months leading up to the Grand National 2015 competition. Likely the most important article concerns the Grand National weights and the BHA handicapper, Phil Smith, who is responsible for assessing “the relative merits of all the horses entered in the £1 million race and allot weights according to their ability.” This basically means he is responsible for balancing the tournament and “making the race as competitive as possible and giving a fair chance to as many runners as possible of lifting the famous trophy.”

Pictured: ShutTheFrontDoor... assumedly shutting a front door.

Pictured: ShutTheFrontDoor… assumedly shutting a front door.

It’s not exactly the most interactive of games, but if you’ve ever wanted the chance to say you spent money of a horse named “Balthazar King” or “ShutTheFrontDoor” while watching a race, there’s probably no better time. Who knows, maybe one of them will turn right for a change, and then things will get interesting.

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