Spend Five Nights at Freddy’s on the Edge of Your Seat

Game designer Scott Cawthon is putting a very unusual horror game on Steam Greenlight. Five Nights at Freddy’s is a simulation of a night guard job, essentially.

Very strange reports surface from Freddy’s Fazbear Pizza, your typical game, pizza, and play hang out place for parents and their screaming kids. The main attraction is the titular Fazbear, Freddy, who’s actually a robot. Freddy and two of his animatronic buddies entertain the kids. But, when the place closes at night, something is amiss. The owners decide to hire a security guard, namely, you, and your job is to observe.

The job pay is pathetic, and it shows, as you have to work with very cheap equipment. The little security desk you’re working from has a limited electricity supply; as you flip through cameras to monitor the robots, it depletes fairly quickly. There’s also two doors on the side, so when your eyes are busy on the monitor, you have to periodically check if someone… or something… isn’t at your door. But the light and door switches use up power as well. What if Freddy isn’t at his rightful place? What if you run out of power? Your shift lasts from midnight til 6 am, by the way.

Check out the gameplay trailer for a taste of the dread and anxiety Five Nights at Freddy’s gives. It definitely seems like an intriguing, unique game, and if you feel the same way, consider voting for it on Steam. I definitely don’t feel up for the role of security guard at this place, but I sure hope someone else at IGM does. Right guys? Guys?

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