Spellweaver Casts its Spell in Open Beta

Let’s face it, going into battle with swords and shields can be boring. What’s really satisfying for some folks is using magic to crush one’s enemies. Enter the world of Spellweaver by developer Dream Reactor. It’s a digital trading card game set in a realm where powerful magic users lead armies of creatures to battle.


Players pick a hero, each one having their own unique ability. Over the course of the match, the player’s hero levels up, gaining levels in the six aspects of magic. Each of these magical aspects has its own play style, and every card has a level requirement that needs to be met in order for the player to use it on the field. With each level the player gains, their hero will gain access to more powerful cards and hero skills. The creatures that inhabit these cards have their own attribute: Speed. Speed determines whether or not a unit is able to block. If a slower unit is facing off against a faster one, it’s unable to block the attack.


After successfully being Greenlit, Spellweaver is scheduled to release on Steam for Windows PC and Mac on January 25, 2016. The game is currently in open Beta.  To learn more about the game and developer Dream Reactor, or for players wishing to sign up for the Beta, visit the official website. To learn even more about the game “like” on Facebook, and follow on Twitter.

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