‘Spate’ Vs ‘Ring Runner’ Who Will Be The Next Game Boss


Image from IGN

Over the past couple of months the online gaming reality show The Next Game Boss has been running its second series on Youtube. The Next Game Boss pits six hopeful indie developers against each other for a shot at a $10,000 grand prize.

The series has been rather interesting as the panel of judges have tried to deliberate which games deserve to go through and which do not. It’s been a long and trying series however Ring Runner: Flight Of The Sages (Ring Runner) and Spate have managed to battle through all the challenges so far to make it to the grand finale.

Ringer Runner is a space shooter which combines compelling and unique gameplay with a unique and very detailed story to create a fun and compelling game. The sheer amount of material in Ring Runner promises to be huge from a sprawling single player campaign to numerous multiplayer game modes Ring Runner promises to be quite the gaming experience.

Spate is something a little different and follows a private detective called Bluth. Bluth has been hired to track down a businessman who has entered into the forbidden zone. As the game progresses you start to see this story begins to be just a metaphor for this own self-destructive desires as the story quickly shifts to the darker end. Spate is a 2.5D platformer that really offers great narrative and something just a little different.

It is not up to you to decide the winner as IGN have put the final choice up to you, the public. Although the voting ends March 2nd so you do not have long to get involved but if you would like to try both of these exceptional games be sure to head over to the IGN Next Game Boss site now try them for yourself and vote.

The shows finale will be aired on March 5th.

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