SpaceHex Is A Fun Little Game About Building A Space Station


I spent some time this morning going through some of the games submitted during last weekend’s Ludum Dare 34 event, and while I still have about a million more games to go through, one game that stood out to me so far was Compo entry SpaceHex by Sheepolution (who you may remember won LD28 with One Take).

In SpaceHex players are tasked with building a space station for little green aliens. By utilizing a hexagonal layout, players can grid the various pods of the space station together to gather resources or to improve the station’s defensive and offensive capabilities.

There are a few moments of free time at the start of the game which allow players to quickly place down the beginnings of their station, and then the enemy ships start appearing. Because their weapons can easily wipe out the space station, plenty of shield and rocket pods should be placed throughout the station to protect it and eliminate any threats that arise. Players can also place salvage pods in their space station that can go out and pick up the scraps of destroyed enemy ships for additional resources.

It might not be as complex as a game like FTL, but SpaceHex still delivers an exciting, strategic experience that I quite enjoyed playing through. For SpaceHex instructions and download links, head to the game’s profile.

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