Space Rogue – Explore. Panic. Fight.

The Ukrainian indie development studio Red Beat recently announced their first game Space Rogue is nearing completion, and has a tentative release date set for early 2015. The development team is excited on the potential for their game, which draws heavy inspiration from the games FTL: Faster Than Light and Space Rangers.


Space Rogue is a rogue-like, spaceship management game that plays through a procedurally generated universe. Players will control the actions of the ship and the crew within it in order to manage key systems during a space battle, clear fires, repair oxygen-leaking cracks in the hull, and fight off any intruders that get on board. The rewards received from clearing the many random events that players will encounter can be used to improve and change the equipment present within the ship.

Red Beat is also working to incorporate features that allow players to land on planets and explore uncharted, and likely dangerous worlds. Space Rogue will also benefit from Steam Workshop, providing a potentially endless supply of user generated content that will expand the already large game universe.


To learn more about Space Rogue or Red Beat, gamers can follow the team on Twitter and Facebook. Are you excited to see more rogue-like space games developed?

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