‘Space Nomads’ Preparing For Lift-Off

space nomads 1

You know what’s enjoyable? Exploration. And you know what makes that better? Exploring outer-space. Welcome to the first project by Loading Studios: the other-worldly game, Space Nomads.

This title falls amongst the survival and tower-defense genres. I will say this, upon realizing that it’s a game in which you live to protect an object that you will inevitably be forced to see destroyed, I admit, I did distance myself from the thought of playing it, although this was too hasty on my part.

In short, you are required to protect a core, the only piece of technology that survived during your reckless arrival to a planet that you aim to escape by eventually gathering enough power and materials. All the planets will be different due to various environments and procedural generation. You’ll also be able to construct turrets and weapons to bolster your efforts of protection, or, like me, just create a really pretty building.

space nomads 2

The graphical style Space Nomads currently has going is fresh and cel-shaded (think of Borderlands crossed with another new indie title, StarForge). This game makes me think of Starship Troopers, and not without the comedy either, as this game is fully co-operative. Allowing you to laugh as your friend gets eaten through your reluctance to warn them of an approaching insect. Survival of the fittest after all, right?

Currently, the game isn’t due for release any time soon, but a playable pre-release has been shown already and you can watch that below. I believe that this game is worth observing, it’ll be interesting to see just what features they add. I, for one, am hoping for curtains and carpets.


You can follow the development of the game on Loading Studios’ official site.

Or perhaps you wish to show some support to the development of the game, say hello via twitter.