Space-Exploration Game forma.8 Coming Later this Year

An exciting new Metroid-like space-themed game, forma.8, has been announced today; featuring great physics and a new take on flying controls.

forma.8 puts you in control of a space probe, originating from a stranded mothership landing on an alien planet. Without any help, dialogue, or directives, the space probe takes its down direction in exploring the foreign land; encountering foes, solving puzzles, and unfolding an intriguing, mysterious story.

The game will be available on PC, Linux, Mac, Wii U, PlayStation 4 and Vita systems, as well as iOS. In particular, the two-person Italian studio MixedBag is hoping to craft unique and enjoyable touch controls for the systems that enable it.

“I’m so excited to finally reveal forma.8 for consoles, mobile, tablets and computers,” said Mauro Fanelli, co-founder of MixedBag. “I think it’s amazing that the first game announced for a next-generation console from an Italian team is an indie project made by an indie team. It wouldn’t have been possible just a few years ago. A massive thanks to Sony and Nintendo for the support, and to Unity for making it possible.”

Price and release date are yet to be determined, but the game is scheduled to release sometime in 2014.

Check out the fluid-flying-action and the mysterious enemies in the announcement trailer for forma.8 above, and check back with IGM for more information as the game gets closer to release. In the meantime, you can vote for the forma.8 on Steam Greenlight.

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