Space Engineers Offers Modders Source Code and Funding

Since its release on Steam back in October 2013, the Early Access version of engineering sandbox game, Space Engineers, has been near the top of the charts for the Steam Workshop; the platform’s tool that allow players to share their mods with the game’s community. So far, Keen Software House’s game has received over 3,000 mods and 100,000 Workshop items total, and that means that they are currently in the Top 5 for games with most workshop items. Now, it’s very likely that this number is going to increase further.


Marek Rosa, CEO of Keen Software House, announced the full release of Space Engineers’ source code in a post on his personal blog. He explains that “modders have a vital role in the game’s development, and getting complete access to the game’s source code will give them the option to develop [in] the same way [that] Keen Software House developers do. This, however, does not mean we will stop working on the game.” For those outside the modding community, he also emphasizes that the weekly updates will continue to happen, like they have since 2013.


Along with this support, the developers also want to support the modding community more actively. They have saved $100,000 to fund programmers that want to develop a total conversion mod of their game, modifying it however they want. The company and the VRAGE engine will support modders that are interested in doing so.

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For those interested in modding Space Engineers, the source code is already available on GitHub with all the extra details needed. Also, Rosa explained the pros and cons of releasing this code in his personal blog, where the information and rules about the total conversion funding can also be found. Space Engineers is available for PC through Steam Early Access and is going to be available on Xbox One in the future.

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