Space Colony Coming to Steam 12 Years After Original Release

Among digital libraries and easy updating systems, Steam enables many longtime developers to re-release their games created before the service even existed. Longtime fans and newcomers alike can look forward to a remastered, Steam-exclusive edition of Space Colony.

spacecolony2An exclusive for Valve’s distribution service, Space Colony is a mix of trading, economy building, and action. Similar to Firefly’s Stronghold series, this outerspace builder has players commanding military and commercial aspects of a base. But on a more individual level, a wise commander has to pay attention to every space cadet, who become unruly, bored, scared, or hurt if not protected. Not nurturing or paying them can lead to base anarchy and chaos, all the more dangerous with alien forms lurking, and the player’s overall success riding on pleasing a mega-corporation. There’s over 100 buildings to choose from to foster a strategy that will keep the colony going. Focusing on iron excavation and defenses is certainly worthwhile, but omitting a sauna for employees and a half-decent burger joint will result in discontent.


The enhanced Steam Edition brings HD graphics and new resolutions to the 12-year-old title alongside many modern features of the service, such as Steam Cloud saves, Achievements, and trading cards. There’s also Steam Workshop support for creating fan-made maps and a brand new single-player campaign mode.

“As an indie dev self-publishing on Steam we’re in total control. That’s a daunting prospect but without Steam’s help, empowering developers like Firefly, this new release wouldn’t be happening,” Simon Bradbury, creative director at Firefly Studios, said. “Many of the original Space Colony team still work at Firefly and we’re all thrilled to see the game finally getting the exposure it deserves.”

Firefly is colonizing Steam sometime this summer on PC. Check out Space Colony‘s website for more information.

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