Sound Dodger – Play through the Music

The title of this game pretty much explains what it’s all about.  Sound Dodger is about dodging objects that are generating by the music of the game.  It’s about moving through music.  The game’s minimalist graphics really put a focus on the music, which is appropriate since Sound Dodger is as much an album of music as it is a game.  Each level is a song and each song is specifically coded and choreographed to the music.  The game controls easy enough as you move your mouse and little circle around the playfield to simply avoid the crazy colors and shapes heading at you.  You cannot fail out of a level, but you are graded at the end and must score above a certain threshold to unlock the next track.

Sound Dodger is a simple concept.  What makes it interesting is how accurately the levels react and are choreographed to the music.  It’s also really cool that the game will feature a variety of musicians.  It’s a true interactive auditory collaboration project.  Sound Dodger is simple and reminiscent of Cipher Prime’s Pulse; it’s more about experiencing an album of music then playing a game.

Sound Dodger was just recently unveiled on Bean’s blog.

  • Leviathan

    When does it come out fir the android?

  • Josh

    I dont think it is. It’d be hard to control unless on a tablet and so far on the blog, its only PC