SORS – Papers, Please On The Operating Table

Putting players into the shoes of a newbie doctor, SORS (Spatially Offset Raman Spectroscopy) takes the inviting interface that made Papers, Please a success, and creates a dystopian medical simulator. The player takes on the role of the newest addition to the team, in the middle of a company-wide crisis where their internal network has been hacked.

Jumping straight in, the character is greeted by their mentor, who presents a series of test patients for the player to familiarize themselves with the interface. Using a command console, the player interacts with the game by typing responses, clicking prompts, digging through emails, and using a scanner on patients. Between examining and diagnosing patients, the player makes their home on the email interface, where all incoming transmissions are received.


The game wastes no time throwing obstacles at the player. Immediately, they’re contacted by an unknown character who tells them to not trust their colleagues, and instead trust the anon. Suddenly, the coworkers start appealing to the player, acting suspicious and telling the player not to trust the other colleagues. Once the workplace drama is in place, it’s time to start playing with the fates of the patients.

A scanner will be used to check for points of interest on the body, in order to find signs of illness. Examining the patient’s profile and determining their issues may reveal that all they need is some lifestyle advice, like quitting smoking, or exercising more. Dismissing the patient is an option as well, and if the patient is diagnosed improperly, there are repercussions, mostly affecting the player’s job performance score. Chatting with the patient is an easy way to reduce patient complaints, so being Dr. Suave can get players out of a career-threatening situation.


Decisions made by the player, combined with the performance of their job, will result in different game endings. According to the developer, there are six possible endings based on player style. Another element worth noting is the cyberpunk-atmosphere made possible by the soundtrack.

SORS is on Steam Greenlight, and has a demo available on A more complete version can be purchased for £5.99, and helps the developer keep updating the project.

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